Milk Street Baby

MILK STREET BABY! Finishes that beg to be touched.

March 25, 2019 | Posted by Milk Street

MILK STREET BABY! Finishes that beg to be touched.
Milk Street Baby; PLEASE DO TOUCH!

Tones get richer and the Milk Street Baby sheen gets better with age.

MIlk Street Cameo Crib in Steam with Toddler playing below

Our finishes have that well worn, gorgeous patina that make Milk Street Baby furniture like no other. Each finish is distressed by hand to accentuate the individual grain found in each wood species we use in our construction. These unique surfaces are then enhanced with multiple coats of our beautiful rich pigments.  All finish layers have been tested individually to assure you that nothing gets into your nursery that you don't want there! Beautiful white tones, warm greys, and rich browns will make your nursery all you've dreamed about! Head to your nearest baby boutique to see for yourself

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